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    Amanda Plauger: A Single Mother’s Testimonial In Her Own Words


I am a single mother, that being said, I know the struggles of trying to raise children completely alone. I also have dealt with abuse a huge chunk of my life, from my teens well into my 20s. Between home life, and my children’s father. It may not have ever really been physical, but mentally and verbally as well as have been controlled. Physical wounds heal …emotional wounds never do. I can only imagine, dealing with both physical and emotional, is beyond words if ever tried to be explained. I’ve dealt with narcissists. They’re sly individuals, who will tell everyone a sob story, twisting every word to make themselves look better. To make sure they’re looked at as the victim. Then turn on you. Making you feel like you have gone insane. You end up losing everything about yourself. Many women, and yes, men in some cases as well, let it go on long periods of time. Sometimes for the rest of their lives, out of fear. The narcissist will give empty threats. Enough that will eat you alive with worry and fear . The fact that this woman, finally stood up for not only herself, but her children, for their own safety, after everything she had dealt with, and hid to keep from other peoples worries…that is what a mother does. She remains strong for her children. Not only paints on a fake smile and pretend everything is okay. Even though on the inside, shes terrified. But she stood up and did something about it. To show she wasn’t going to let someone hurt her anymore or hurt her children. Shes looked at, as this awful person…but in reality, anyone who’s been in any abusive situations… knows it’s never easy to take a stand and do something about it. I stand, as one who’s been in situations, as said before, different than her situation, but nonetheless, as a support. Not just because I’m her son’s girlfriend. But by my own experiences. She may not have expected things to end the way they did. But she did everything legally possible, to help herself, and nothing was done. She was let down, by people who were supposed to protect her, ones that we are supposed to go to, in any need of help. They’re supposed to be the good guys, right? I’ve seen her page, and read almost all documentation that’s on there. It is beyond ridiculous on how much physical evidence. Evidence you can actually see with your own eyes, that was looked over, as if it were nothing, or not even brought up. She deserves to have her voice heard. I’m rather glad to see the things her son is doing in spreading the word of her journey on being heard. I’ve sat beside him day in and day out as he works on things for her cause, and the progress is amazing. I only hope, that eventually, sooner than later, shell have her chance to speak, things will be justified, and she is finally free of the grasps of the legal system that has done her wrong.

It’s hard to say if i would have been able to kill Dustin Stanley that day due to my christian beliefs, but i know i would protect my children by any means necessary! I would die for my babies! Good mothers always keep those maternal instincts and natural need to keep their kids protected from anything bad, big or small. But Donna’s son asked me to state if i would have done the same as Donna that day or not and i believe i would have without a doubt. She escaped his second or third attempt to kill her? i cant remember, but one attempt to take my life would have probably been enough to motivate me to shoot him before he decided to try again. If you take the time to read the facts, see the evidence, and read Donna’s story any women with common sense who wishes to stay alive would have done the same in my opinion. I mean she clearly tried the legal ways of getting rid of this psychopathic, women beater, drug addict, con-man, expert at social engineering just all around bad man. She called the cops and so did her son, there’s 911 recordings on this site. She had a No Trespassing order put on him, and then when he violated that she got a Restraining Order on this guy. Most men would call it quits after that because of facing some serious prison time for violating such orders. But Dustin Stanley was not just a paid confidential informant for the local drug task forces in this area. Dustin was working for the big dogs as i would describe them. The ATF was paying Dustin to inform and setup major drug dealers as well as illegal weapons dealers. Dustin was apparently such a valuable asset to the ATF that they allowed him to commit felony upon felony without a single arrest. They allowed him to violate Donna’s legal orders to keep him away from her. They allowed him to stalk her online and with those threatening voicemails i listened to in one of the posts on this site. Just those voicemails alone show how out of his mind he was, or high off his ass perhaps. Donna tried all the legal ways i know how to go about getting rid a man such as Dustin, but as court records and Donna’s statements prove…..He was not once arrested. He walked up to the police officer called to the scene, had a private conversation and instead of being arrested for a serious violent felony like the rest of us would have, Dustin was simply asked to call his mother to come pick him up and go home with her. THIS IS INSANE TO ME!   So then Dustin waits outside near Donna’s garage in the middle of the night for her to pull up and remotely open the garage door…..then he creeps right in, waits for her to exit her car and immediatly begins his first or second attempt to kill her i don’t remember every detail.

And then when i heard why Dustin went from just a little crazy to pure psycho on Donna i was like ” Dam well that makes perfect sense” Dustin made the dumb mistake of leaving his ATF paid confidential informant agreement signed off and everything in the nightstand on the side of Donna’s bed he slept on when he stayed there. Pretty stupid on his part, but Donna found it one evening in the nightstand drawer and was shocked to discover exactly what he meant when he had previously told her ” I’m one of them Donna”. And then Donna herself made the biggest mistake of her life which led to multiple attempts to kill her shortly after, she confronted Dustin about the informant agreement she had found. Not smart at all. If word ever got out that Dustin Stanley was the one feeding the ATF all the information to get these big busts, headlines after headlines in the media type of busts….he would have a target on his back obviously, that’s common sense. You don’t just get to RAT on big time criminals and their friends and/or business associated and live to tell the story you know? Every crime TV Show and Movie ever made proves that simple fact. So Dustin wanted Donna dead there isn’t a doubt in my mind. “Kill Donna & nobody ever finds out I’m a Snitch”. that thought would have crossed my mind if i were Dustin am i right?

So we all know the ending of the story (If you’ve taken the time to learn it), not what the media published or what countless false testimonies from jailhouse felons looking for a “get out of jail free card” swore that Donna said. Or the false testimonies of some of Dustin’s family members telling the jury that Donna called them and told them she was going to kill Dustin weeks before it actually happened. Like seriously? Donna is no idiot, Iv’e spoken by telephone and met her once at Fluvanna Prison, as well as the occasional email through Jpay Mobile App. No Intelligent person tells people their going to commit 1st Degree Murder and risk life in prison or even Death Row!! And you certainly don’t go to jail and tell everyone on the block that you planned to kill this man, and continue to give all the facts of the story. It’s just stupid that the public, let alone the Jury believed these statements, without even considering each and everyone was given something in exchange for the written statements and testimony in court. Every liar had their own agenda. And shortly after Donna was convicted, sentenced, and the story wasn’t making headlines anymore guess what took place for those who do not already know? Well the jailhouse inmates had their charges completely dropped and were released soon after. Or the ones with serious violent felonies or drug distributions were given a slap on the wrist with simple probation. THESE ARE ALL FACT PEOPLE, IT’S ON THIS SITE FOR ALL TO SEE! And then when Donna said her useless public defense attorney Bruce Albertson had become a Chief Judge of Rockingham County Circuit Court about a year or so later i was in my feelings after hearing about that. This really is a story someone could make millions off by turning into a movie or something. A headline making artice that’s for sure.
The story involves plenty of crime. Drug and Gun sales, A Paid Informant for ATF, Corruption everywhere you look and even a low life local newspaper journalist looking to make a name for himself with lies, slander and pure propaganda techniques to manipulate the public.This entire story just sicken me that this happens over and over in this county. The people who can’t afford good legal representation, which is all of the middle class citizens in most cases, get a public attorney who has no motive to seek justice for his clients, especially when there’s incentives for even the attorney to make sure he loses the case. To them your just another name and case number stacked on top of their already heavy case loads. They usually attempt to work out plea agreements for most every case to save time and make their job that much easier. And the wealthy can get away with most any crime, if they can afford whatever cost is being asked of them to keep their freedom and avoid prison. Wrongful Convictions, Criminal Justice Reform, Government Corruption, Media Manipulation, And deaths of innocent citizens by the Police are trending topics right now in the US. Just since 2020 started Iv’e seen and heard of countless Documentaries, TV Series, and Movies all revolving around these issues. And I’m sure you have seen or heard of some of these as well.

It really is sad how Greed for more Power & more Money motivates all of these actions to occur one after the other. And honestly i don’t think it will ever change. It’s sad but its the truth. May Donna Hockman and all the other victims of Corrupt Commonwealth Attorney Marsha Garst’s need for money, power, & whatever else drives her to continue these same exact tactics used on Donna to be used on countless other headline making cases both before and even now after Donna’s conviction be brought to light. Don’t get me wrong I’m a loyal supporter of Donna, but Donna wishes to not only get herself a Fair Trial By Jury….But to help all the other victims of this malicious women get their day back in court & see them receive justice as well. And Donna’s supporters keep growing by the day so i pray she gets her day back in court as well, and i believe she will god willing. Marsha Garst and her associates have..As of today taken TWELVE & A HALF YEARS OF DONNA’S LIFE! If you believBUe in Donna and support her causes, please just click the SHARE BUTTONS. One simple click could get hundreds more shares & supporters. And then the day will come that someone with money willing to donate to proper post conviction legal fees and such will support Donna. Or Someone with enough public influence could see her story and make it go viral.

God bless you Donna Hockman, you will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers daily. May the lord open just one door for your voice and your story to be heard.

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