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Contact Donna Directly Through Jpay Website or App

You can contact Donna through the prison website to communicate directly with her. She checks her email daily and can reply directly to you. Click the jpay link above to register an account. Her Virginia inmate ID number is: 1406120.

Donna’s Direct Jpay Link

Download JPay Mobile App

Mailing address:

Donna Hockman
FCCW #1406120
PO Box 1000
Troy, VA  22974

Feel free to email us:

Also for my friends and supporters, I can call you for .90 per call.  free of charge to you! just add your name and number in the email

I would love to hear from my old friends! You know who you are, and I don’t know if you’ve forgotten me, but I think about you all the time!


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  1. Sharon L Porter says:

    Several years ago, the UVA law school gave the VADOC it’s illustrious “GAG” award for violating the first amendment. Seems like nobody has learned form the past foibles…


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