Miscellaneous Documents

Exhibit 65 – Emails between Albertson and Hahn 11/28/2008, 11/29/2008 and 01/08/2009

Explanation: The first email to Albertson from Hahn dated November 28, 2008 (weeks before Hockman’s trial was to start) shows that a PI (private investigator) had still not been hired on Hockman’s behalf.  It further shows the person who was hired, Doc Chapman, didn’t have a great track record or high marks from attorney Hahn.  How would that make you feel seeing your attorney speaking so poorly about the PI hired and paid by the state $6,000 to do absolutely nothing on your behalf?

In the email dated November 29, 2008, Hockman wants exoneration knowing she acted in accordance with the law.

In the email dated January 8, 2009 (days before Hockman’s trial was to begin) Albertson asks the PI to look into speaking with witnesses.  Don’t you think that days before a woman may be sent to prison, that witnesses should have been interviewed months before?  Again, this shows a lack of commitment and preparation.

Exhibit 65 – Emails between Alberton and Hahn

Legal Insights Proposal – April 6, 2015

Hockman’s family paid $3,000 for the firm “Legal Insights, Inc.” to provide a plan of action on getting Hockman back to court.

This firm disclosed what Hockman already knew and had been working on and was no help.  Donna’s family received no additional assistance from them.

Legal Insights Proposal