Trial Prosecutor

01/29/09-(Harrisonburg) Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst demonstrates to the jury the effort involved in pulling the trigger of the murder weapon 6 times during her closing arguments in the Donna Hockman trial on Thursday. (Pete Marovich/Daily News-Record)

Exhibit 178

US Dept Justice Letter

Affidavit of Rebecca Byrd Neal

State Bar Inquiry by Rebecca Byrd Neal

State Bar Inquiry by Donna Hockman

State Bar Letter by Donna Hockman

State Bar Response to Donna Hockman

Freedom of Information Act Denial Letter July 2011

Exhibit 164 – Freedom of Information Act Request Letter

Freedom of Information Act Denial Letter June 2014

Letter to Pete Delea

Freedom of Information Act Request Letter by Jean Litten

Affidavit of Jean Litten

Exhibit 191 – Freedom of Information Act Request Letter Jean Litten

Letter to Kenneth Cuccinelli August 2011

Letter to Mayor Ted Byrd November 2013

Formal Complaint to Kenneth Cuccinelli November 2011



  1. admin says:

    the truth is slowly coming to light, much much more to come. stay tuned


  2. Anonymous says:

    and here is more:

    I said those things because Marsha Garst told me that she was only interested in information that put this murder on Ivan Teleguz. During at least one interrogation of me by Marsha Garst, she directed the investigator to turn off the tape recorder. While the tape was off, she told me that it was Ivan Teleguz that she was interested in. She already knew that Michael Hetrick had done the killing because she had his DNA at the scene. She said that any deal I got would depend on me giving her Ivan Teleguz, and she told me to give her as much about Ivan Teleguz as I could.
    J.A. 3484.


    1. Anonymous says:

      In other words, the district court had before it affidavits asserting that Gilkes and Safanov had falsely testified about Teleguz’s guilt at the behest of the prosecution. But the recanting affiants chose not to testify and were not subject to cross-examination. Meanwhile, the government witnesses implicated in Gilkes’s and Safanov’s affidavits took the stand and gave reasonable accounts that the district court believed. The district court therefore credited the prosecution’s version of events and discredited Gilkes’s and Safanov’s versions, specifically finding the recanting affidavits “unreliable.” Teleguz, 2014 WL 3548982, at *10.
      When we remanded this matter for


  3. Karey says:

    i cannot believe marsha garst’s corruption had not been brought to light. she does whatever it takes to win a case including lieing and using fake evidence and jailhouse snitches to lie for her then lets them go free for their efforts. this is just teriible. god bless you donna and all those other victims of this malicious women


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