Donna’s Cause

I have several things I hope to accomplish with this website.

  1. To finally tell my side of what occurred during my relationship with Dustin Stanley. My jury convicted me based on perjury testimony from countless people. The local media was involved with Marsha Garst in publishing lies, slander, and false information with no evidence to back their claims. Most articles by the same corrupt reporter Pete DeLea of the Daily News-Record. And on top of all these circumstances, my public attorney Bruce Albertson did nothing but sit back at watch this all take place. He told me “It’s Political Donna”. And about a year after I was convicted, I realized what his motives were. He became a Circuit Court Chief Judge of Rockingham County Virginia. Those who testified against me were given deals for the false testimony of lie upon lie. Released from jail with their charges dropped or with simple probation. Marsha Garst was only focused on a 1st-degree murder conviction & making sure Dustin Stanley’s illegal acts that he was never arrested for were made known to the public.
  2. To share clear and convincing proof that I and others did not receive a fair trial, in hopes of reopening our cases and getting our day in court.
  3. To remove an overzealous public official (Marsha Garst) so that she can no longer destroy lives and see that she is held accountable for her actions by the laws she swore to uphold.
  4. To educate the public and potential jurors on the many tactics used to convict, to ensure that even-handed justice is being served.
  5. To raise money that will be used to pay a legal team willing to fight on my behalf for a new trial. A realistic financial goal of $50,000 is attainable with people like you who want to start a revolution of change.
  6. To publicize all the cases myself and my supporters have found where Marsha Garst used the same illegal tactics used on me to obtain more wrongful convictions and ruin more lives for power, money, and political gain.
  7. To publicize and inform the public of how my fellow inmates here at Fluvanna Correctional are treated. Abuse, improper medical treatment, unhealthy conditions, the rotten outdated food we are forced to eat, and all the lawsuits against this prison that went unnoticed.
  8. And also we have a page for Fluvanna Correctional PenPals where I will be posting any of my fellow inmates information who are looking for someone to write and make new friends, Since we are the top result when anyone searches for a penpal here at Fluvanna on VA in general, depending on how you phrase your searches.

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  1. Kammi Ann says:

    Good evening from Kansas 💙
    I come across a page on a social media site and I found you. I just sat down for the evening ,with paper & pen to write you
    I look forward to hearing back from you!
    Until then ✌💚😊


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