Evidence of Physical Abuse



The pictures above were extracted from Donna Hockman’s mobile phone and taken immediately after suffering physical abuse by Dustin Stanley. Notice in the top photo the bruising around her left eye as well as the incredible amount of blood in her hair and on her head as a result of tremendous physical abuse. The second photo directly above shows massive amounts of bruising on Donna’s arms. (click to enlarge)

Voicemails left by Dustin Stanley on Donna Hockmans’ cell phone

At the time of Donna’s arrest, she stated to her defense attorney that over 30 voicemails left by Dustin Stanley could be retrieved from her cell phone. Donna thought the police would retrieve them to show the harassing/stalking nature of Stanley in the days leading up to the shooting. Weeks had passed and no word on the retrieval of calls, so Donna informed her attorney that he needed to retrieve them before they were lost for good. At the time he was only able to retrieve these two.
You can hear how upset Stanley became when he couldn’t reach Donna or she wouldn’t call him back.
Don’t you believe that a jury had a right to hear these voicemails?

The voicemails below illustrate Dustin Stanley’s state of mind just before the incident. Please listen:

This call was made to Donna Hockman’s voice mail on

July 23, 2008, at 10:23 pm

This call was made to Donna Hockman’s voice mail on

July 23, 2008, at 10:27 pm

Incident Base Report – April 23, 2008

Explanation: A 911 call was placed on April 23, 2008, by Stanley who became locked out of Hockman’s home after he attacked her and went outside for a cigarette.

Theory/Fact of Document: Hockman and her family have been trying to obtain this report since 2009 after her conviction, but were repeatedly denied by the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department on the direction of Marsha Garst.
Hockman had told Bruce Albertson (her public defender) there were 3 calls for service at her home, but he stated Garst had only provided 2 calls.
Why would Marsha Garst withhold this information from Hockman’s attorney? Hockman believes she didn’t want the jury to read the urgency in the text from dispatch where an officer was trying to be located or the text that says, “Deputy would respond to check the welfare of the victim, but they would not assist him (Stanley) getting inside the residence.” This is a clear indication Hockman had been attacked and Stanley wanted back in to prevent Hockman from calling for help. The jury had a right to see this evidence.

See the documents in question below:
The Incident Base Report – April 23, 2008

Petition for Appeal – August 5, 2009
This appeal lays out the evidence presented in Hockman’s trial by her court-appointed attorney, Bruce Albertson.
Petition for Appeal – August 5, 2009

Motion to Vacate and/or Modify – August 6, 2015
This motion was filed by Hockman requesting that a court date is ordered so she can present her allegations of misconduct against Marsha Garst.
Motion to Vacate and or Modify – August 6, 2015


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