Excerpt from Donna’s forthcoming book

Below is an excerpt from Donna’s new book entitled “The Pandemic Prison Experience”

Day 300
Sunday, January 17th I woke up with a tickle in my throat. Is this my allergies or am I positive for COVID?
Maybe I forgot to take my Zyrtec yesterday. I popped a Zyrtec and went on about my day. It’s before 11 am and 3 nurses with face shields just came out of the wing next to where I live. They gave them rapid tests again. I wonder how many more will be positive? Since Monday the 11th they have taken out at least 30 women. The previous Friday someone made the decision to move positive offenders in that wing who came from a red hot zone that had not yet completed their CDC mandated quarantine.
Within 2 days offenders started showing symptoms. The building houses over 220 women sectioned off into four wings, A-D. In each wing, there is one vestibule worker that hands out food trays and supplies. They go in and out of all the wings and mingle. The supply closet they have access to is located in a few of the wings. A wing is where the positive offenders came from.
On Wednesday the 13th the entire building was
tested after so many tested positive in A-wing. All three wings outside of the A-wing were negative. This brings me to today, Sunday the 17th. The entire building is getting tested again. Two offenders living in my wing (B) are positive. One is the vestibule worker. Wouldn’t you know that the other vestibule workers in the other wings also tested positive and thus the fire has been lit?
I tested negative.
So maybe this sore throat thing is just my allergies.
Tomorrow I wake with a very dry cough.
They have now declared A wing a red hot zone (this took over a week and a half) and now they are disbursing the remaining negatives from that wing throughout the building.
Big Mistake!


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