Wrongful Conviction, Not Innocence


Donna wanted to make all of you aware that she is not claiming to be innocent, but wrongfully convicted and wanted to educate her supporters of the differences.  Explanation of innocence versus wrongfully convicted involves not being present when the offense took place and DNA would be missing from the scene of the crime.  Example: A bank was robbed and you were out of state when the robbery took place and the camera footage along with none of your DNA being there proves your innocence.

A wrongful conviction is classified as when (1) the person convicted is factually innocent of the charge, or (2) there were procedural errors that violated the convicted person’s rights. Most that are wrongfully convicted know they have been wronged and actively pursue exoneration. Most of those wrongfully convicted have typically had evidence withheld, fabricated, not tested, and tainted against them along with the use of jailhouse snitches all perpetuated by the prosecutor, known as prosecution misconduct. These are clear violations of the Constitution and deprivation of a defendant’s due process rights.

Donna killed Dustin Stanley after dealing with months of physical and mental abuse. She filed restraining orders and trespassing charges against Dustin but he was never arrested when he violated the law because he was a paid confidential informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF)

Dustin Stanley’s Confidential Informant Agreement 02-07-08

Most of you are here because you want to learn more about Donna, her wrongful conviction, her pursuit of justice, and/or her living conditions while in prison.

Please understand that Donna has been fighting the legal battle on her own without counsel. If you feel compelled to help her with hiring an investigator to obtain other evidence that was withheld from her court-appointed attorney before trial or a post-conviction attorney click the donate button. No amount is too small!

If you want to help Donna in other ways, such as sending her books, etc. please reach out to her directly at jpay.com (place directions here) or write her at:
Donna Hockman#1406120
P.O. Box 1000
Troy, VA 22974
(3-page front and back page limit)

Donna is always looking for meaningful long-term pen pals who want to remain in her life for the duration of her fight.

Justice for one is justice for all!!

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything” -Mark Twain

Letter from Matthew Engle of The Innocence Project



  1. Lamar says:

    this story is so sad I wish I could do something to help. I don’t have much money or any connections but I have shared and tweeted a few posts. god bless you Donna Hockman.

    wonderful website by the way


  2. Luis says:

    This is an American a tragedy. How is this woman in jail? She should be released and the corrupted Judge must be place in jail.


    1. Allan says:

      Somebody must be either cold heartet or simply really don’t care about people, just sentence what is easy, forget about the individual that just is placed in prison for life because those who do this have their nice home and money and andn can drink their coffee as they like. Is it really that easy to just forget peopke and don’t care.
      Because if you can’t afford an attorney, you can sit and rotten in prison,
      1 attorney with just a little heart and just a little wish of justice, that all it takes, but guess it’s not about justice but money.
      Sleep well all you who are able to help but don’t do it because of, well maybe some few hours time, maybe you could get paid later.


  3. Jamison says:

    this is truly a sad story, hope Donna receives justice


  4. Ron says:

    I am puzzled by your trial attorney’s defense strategy. Mr. Albertson obviously had other things on his mind than to make a serious commitment to your case. The fact that he is now a chief judge is disturbing to say the least but not surprising and just proves this guy is all about himself. This is truly a man without conscience. I am truly sorry you are in this position. Don’t ever give up!!!!


  5. Darryl says:

    Not to diminish Donna’s situation, but she is among thousands so treated by the legal system. The problem is us. We do not know how the legal system (actually, legal systems with an ‘s’) works. I have been studying the court system for about 15 years now. Here is what we are all facing next: tomorrow morning, we head out to work, get stopped, or get hit in traffic, and next thing we know, we are in prison wondering “What happened?” Then, and only, then will you care about the legal/court system. I am in constant contact with Donna. Several times a week, actually, via Jpay. You can too. How about a letter? Too busy? I understand. No worries, life will teach you first then charge you later when similar misfortune comes your way. How about replying to this comment and get in contact with me? Perhaps we can brainstorm and think collectively on finding options how we can be of help to Donna. We’ve got to take action. At least I can point you in the right direction on learning how the court system works. Are you a source of useful information? Maybe, you have better ideas. Great. Then reply to this message and let’s work on this together. Donna is waiting for you, for me.


  6. David says:

    This case is obsered! How on earth can a court take the word of previously convicted felons as truthful I’m sure they weren’t truthful about there own convictions , their subsequent release from incarceration surely proves this to any half witted idiot , let alone a Judge who many people consider a respected person of the community haha , it is beyond disgraceful that a good Lady such as Donna has been incarcerated for protecting herself and indeed her son and since been deprived of seeing them mature into young adults ,I am disgusted with the negligence with which this case has been handled and can assure you in all Western countries this case wouldn’t have had the same result and as they say only in America


  7. Darryl says:

    Donna’s situation is not unique. It is happening all the time to many a man or woman caught in a tight and even not so tight situation. We do not have courts of law but courts of equity. Actually, these two are blended thus giving the judge extreme flexibility or discretion to rule any way he/she feels. The emphasis in on feeling or conscious or what is deemed presently conscionable or unconscionable, not law. To alleviate their conscious judges become indifferent to the outcome and just goes with the “best” attorney. In Donna’s case, the prosecution won. We have thousands of such people in prison railroaded just like Donna but the public is so dumb on matters of law, they have no clue of what to think or do. Being outraged means nothing. What are you going to do?


    1. Kris George says:

      corruption at its finest. its all political in her case. 1st degree murder conviction is something prosecutors have very few of on their resume. im designed this site, ive made its number one on google search results. top of the page for many keywords and names on this site. if i had the money id invest in social media expansion and advertising. but im unfamiliar with how these big companies have their ads on facebook feeds, twitter etc daily. and i know it aint cheap. its been 12 and a half years of her life wasted away in prison as of today. my sister doesnt answer her calls or even visit. im the only loyal family member who stays in contact besides my grandmother. one of the greatest mothers i could have asked for. i remember most everything she did for me, and sacrificed to support me. i really wish i knew some hacker who could drive millions of americans to this site somehow. all we need is publicity. someone to read all the facts and realize she got fucked. i miss her dearly but im useless at this point without money. its crazy how the wealthy always get a slap on the wrist and those who have to use public attorneys get what they pay for. $500 for her defense attorney is all he made. useless and corrupt, and was promoted to an “honerable judge” shortly after her conviction. mountains of evidence, she learned the appeal laws by studying and typed up hundreds of pages for her appeals. but wouldnt you know it the same court that sentenced her is the court that was supposed to file all her appeals, and they didnt do their job. Marsha Garst has stayed on top of everything my moms tried. and screwed her. if she were exposed she knows she would lose her job and maybe face jail time. and shes done it to many others over the years. its not about what you know anymore, its about who you know. power power power. thats all they care about. i still have hope though, ill never give up on my mother. as she wouldnt give up on me.


  8. Carrie says:

    The system is corrupt. Unfortunately most people don’t believe it until they are experiencing it first hand.

    I was convicted in a crackerjack federal court. No evidence, witnesses i never saw before in my life. My photo erected in front of the witness box so the fake witnesses could identify me.

    Now the judge Carlos Murgia is removed from the bench for misconduct, the Prosecutor Terra Morehead has been in trouble for corruption, the Police Chief Olin ended up in a mental hospital. Our entire system is a joke.

    No attorney is going to save you! We have over 3 million people incarcerated in this country and every one if them had an attorney!

    Do your homework and represent yourself!!


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